I have a field with string /IN/TG/HYD/ where i need to split IN into one field and rest all into other using salesforce formula field

I have written using mid function but the last special character is not omitting


Desired result F1 = IN,F2 = TG/HYD

  • please provide desired result in the format: field1= IN, field 2 = TG/HYD Dec 3, 2021 at 9:38

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Please check this... You need to have 2 formula fields; Assuming that you could rely on the format , here are the values of the formula you would want to use:

Formula 1: (testFormula_Country) : Mid( CountryCityStateValue__c , find("/",CountryCityStateValue__c ,1)+1, find("/",CountryCityStateValue__c ,2) - find("/",CountryCityStateValue__c ,1) - 1 )

Formula 2: (testFormula_CityState) : Mid(CountryCityStateValue__c , find("/",CountryCityStateValue__c ,2)+1, len(CountryCityStateValue__c ) - find("/",CountryCityStateValue__c ,2) - 1 )

CountryCityStateValue__c field contains the combined value enter image description here Attached is the screenshot, where the results are displayed on the page.

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