We recently set up an email that needed different content based off if a sales goal was hit.

We had the following ampscript, but for some reason the system would only read the first integer. So if their target was 20, but they sold 4 items, it would read that 4 was higher than 20. Any ideas on why this is the case?

EDIT: The data types of Sales_Target and Total_Sales are both numbers.

    %%[ var @SalesTarget, @TotalSales, @text1, @text2
 set @SalesTarget = attributevalue("Sales_Target") 
 set @TotalSales = attributevalue("Total_Sales") 
 set @text1 = "You have not reached your target, but you still have plenty of time to earn."
 set @text2 = "You have reached your sales target." ]%% 
 %%[ IF @SalesTarget < @TotalSales THEN]%% 
  • What are the data types of Sales_Target and Total_Sales? Can you update your question to include samples of both? Dec 2 '21 at 20:28
  • 3
    Results of your conditional would vary if you're comparing strings instead of numbers, which is what I suspect is the issue. Dec 2 '21 at 20:40

Your comparison is being treated as string (instead of number). You need to use "FormatNumber" function to treat the values as numbers.

IF @SalesTarget < @TotalSales condition can be rewritten as

IF FormatNumber(@SalesTarget,"G") <= FormatNumber(@TotalSales, "G") ...

Also, note that I have changed the operator from "<" , to "<=", to treat two equal number as "meeting the target" path.

I hope this helps!

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