I am updating a field using Process Builder but my formula is not working.

My Requirement- When lead status change to one of those (Convert, Unqualified ,Existing Account) then field should get updated. Also when filed is changing from Convert to Unqualified or unqualified to Existing Account then also field get updated.

Have written the Formula but it give an error -

    ISCHANGED([Lead].Status field),
        ISPICKVAL([Lead].Status = "Unqualified"),
        ISPICKVAL([Lead].Status = "Convert"),
        ISPICKVAL([Lead].Status = "Existing Account")

Please Help on this.enter image description here

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    Can you remove field string in this statement (ISCHANGED([Lead].Status field) and try to test again?
    – MohanRaj
    Nov 30 '21 at 13:43
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    As a general rule, if you're getting an error message, you should include the exact text of the error in your question (it helps to cut down on guesswork).
    – Derek F
    Nov 30 '21 at 13:45

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