There is data-extension-row-update and data-extension-row-create, but nothing like


Say I have an existing data extension I retrieve via

import ET_Client
myClient = ET_Client.ET_Client()
dataextensionrow = ET_Client.ET_DataExtension_Row()
dataextensionrow.auth_stub = myClient
dataextensionrow.Name = 'ExampleDEName'

how can I possibly append a row to an existing SFMC data extension just like in a CSV or tabular structure (e.g. a pandas.DataFrame), for instance appending another row to the following:

index, col1, col2, col3
0, val1, val2, val3

which could look like

1, foo, baz, bar

PS: This is not about how to construct a Python dictionary or pandas.DataFrame. I just made this analogy in order to illustrate what I hope is possible with SalesForce data extensions: appending rows to them on-the-fly.

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  • Can't you just build your own function that will be converting your list into a dictionary? Nov 26 at 8:54
  • Apparently there is a misunderstanding. It's not about building a dict (in Python or whatever), I just wanted to make the analogy how I understand adding new "rows" to a SFMC data extension would work (in my imagination).
    – Andreas L.
    Nov 26 at 8:55
  • 2
    Ah, OK. In practice we could say that in most cases appending a new row will be the same as creating it. It's important to know if the data extension has a primary key or not. If there will be none, you can create duplicate rows with the same data (appending copies as you please), but if there will be a key, only one row would be created and attempts to add the exact same row should fail. Nov 26 at 9:09
  • Well @RafałWolsztyniak, thanks for your explanation. It's been useful to understand the distinction between overriding and creating etc., but still one aspect didn't get answered and I felt like it was necessary to pose a separate question for that to make my point more clearly. If you're familiar with these topics, I'd be delighted if you could answer the following question as well: salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/363073/…
    – Andreas L.
    2 days ago

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