I just want to check to see if we've covered the available options for our use case, which is to filter an Einstein Bot so that the Knowledge search functionality is limited to specified data categories.

I know it's possible to do this at the bot level using the Article Answers feature in beta, but for our use case, this would require us to have multiple bots as we don't know the type of member we're dealing with until they tell us in the chat. The answer to our first question in the Einstein Bot tells us the type of member we're dealing with (we have three options) and ideally, we'd like to use this answer to set the context for the rest of the chat using the standard Knowledge functionality.

The initial thinking is to have a bot that gathers the info then hands off to a dedicated bot for each member type (using the Article Answers to filter by data categories), but if anyone has approached this differently, it would be great to find out more.

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