I'm starting to build a SaaS tool that uses the SF streaming API. In the past I've worked with the "normal" API and I didn't need any consumer secret / key. I just user user / password and a security token.

Now I understand that I need to provide consumer secret / key. Assuming I will have multiple users, each with their own SF instance - what does it mean in terms of the process to use my tool? Would they need to create a consumer secret / key and provide it when they login to my tool in order to connect to their SF instance? Or does the secret / key belong to my tool meaning I create them once somehow and the users only need to provide user / password?


The consumer key/secret is used to uniquely identify your app. You do this by creating a Connected App, then using an OAuth flow to get an Access Token (and possibly a Refresh Token, if configured to do so). The flows will have the users log in using the Salesforce login (possibly via SSO, etc), then return a valid access token to your app. You will be able to determine the User Id and Organization Id after login using the Identity URL. At no point will your app need to directly use the user's user name or password to access Salesforce.


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