Looks like there is a bug when using an interactive email form where httpgetwrap| isn't stripped out automatically. Until this is fixed I am pasting the code in an HTML template and trying to fix it myself. I want to simply update the regex in SET @regexPattern = 'href="(.+?)"' so that it will remove the httpgetwrap| from the url, but I have no experience with regex so nothing i've tried works.

how can I update the regex to achieve this?


VAR @linkToClickCode, @link2C, @regexPattern, @trackedClickLink, @sanitizedString
   SET @linkToClickCode = '<a href="httpgetwrap|https://submit.mc-content.com" alias="formSubmit" target="_blank">Interactive Email Form Submit</a>'
   SET @link2C = TreatAsContent(@linkToClickCode)
   SET @regexPattern = 'href="(.+?)"'
   SET @trackedClickLink = RegExMatch(@link2C, @regexPattern, 1)

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