I am creating custom lead conversion popup window similar to standard one in lightning experience. (There are some requirement because of that I need to create this custom popup).

I am trying to provide same functionality which standard popup has like Create Account with different Name Create contact with different name


For opportunity, I am able to find a method setOpportunityName in LeadConvert class. But I do not find any method for setting contact and account name upon lead conversion.

Is there any way to update the contact or account name during lead conversion process?

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It looks as though there's no method for doing so directly like you can for the Opportunity. In this case, I would make use of getContactId() and getAccountId(), retrieve the Contact and Account based on the IDs returned, then update the applicable fields (FirstName and/or LastName on Contact, Name on Account) with DML as you normally would.

  • Thanks much for the quick response !! That's what I thought...
    – jai gupta
    Commented Nov 19, 2021 at 9:46

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