trying to populate a map with a list list like this:

map<integer , listlist<<sobject>>> mpsosl=[find ' ba' IN all Fields RETURNING contact(name)];

error:Illegal assignment from List<List> to Map<Integer,List<List>>

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Looks like your syntax is the issue from what you've shared. Nested collections like a List of Lists are possible within Apex, but it would be defined like this: List<List<Contact>> or even something like List<List<Set<Integer>>>.

Your SOSL query will return a List<List<SObject>>. I would recommend assigning your results to a List<List<SObject>>, and then put it into your map.

List<List<SObject>> mpsosl = [
    FIND ' ba' 
    IN All Fields 
    RETURNING Contact(name)
Map<Integer, List<List<SObject>> numToListOfList = new Map<Integer, List<List<SObject>>();
numToListOfList.put(1, mpsosl);

The return type of a SOSL is a List of List of SObjects. So, you should use -

List<List< SOject >> mpsosl=[find ' ba' IN all Fields RETURNING contact(name)];

Because of this you are getting the illegal assignment error.

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