I'm trying to clone a Case, for that, I have created a button to copy data from the parent Case. I have a dependent picklist field(Experience__c) on the Case object. It is dependent on Product_Type__c. The dependent field is not getting populated with the value.

Any help is much appreciated. I read the issue is fixed in previous releases. But dont see its working for me.

The button URL is:


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It's not currently possible for Cases.

In Summer '21, they brought the ability to prepopulate dependent picklists with default values for a specified list of objects

You can now prepopulate a record event with default values in dependent picklists. Default values on dependent picklists are available on accounts, opportunities, contacts, leads, and custom objects.

You'll have to look at a different mechanism for this - possibly a screen flow where you can set default values for the dependent picklist or leveraging a LWC with recordEditForm. Otherwise, you could tackle this from the other side with a record-triggered flow to copy over the parent Case's picklist values if it's left empty if you do want to leverage the button URL or a quick action that also cannot set pre-defined field values for dependent picklists.

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