This seems like it should be simple but I'm stuck - I don't know Salesforce very well so hoping someone here can help. I have a set of parent cases, and each of those has a number of child cases. All of these cases are of the same type, "PV". I want to do a report of all the open parent cases. I started with three criteria:

    Closed equals "False"
AND Type contains "PV"
AND Parent Case Number equals 0

This query finds no records. If I change the third line to

AND Parent Case Number not equal to 0

the report successfully finds all the child cases.

So, I tried adding "filter logic":

(1 AND 2 AND (NOT 3))

and I'm back to getting no data.

I feel like I must be missing something super obvious, grateful for any suggestions!

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So, some additional google sleuthing led me to an article on Salesforce's site regarding Parent Case Number: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=000320527&type=1

Apparently, the correct answer is to use

Parent Case Number less or equal "0"

Kinda ridiculous that "parent case number" shows up on the report as a zero, but its internal value is apparently less than zero.

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