I create a single send journey and selected as entry source a data extension.

I can see I have 200 contacts then I activate the journey and all those 200 contacts went through it.

However, I added once the journey has been activated one contact to the data extension.

I can see in the record count 201 contacts, however that contact doesn't go in.

Is this working as designed? How can I perform changes in the data extension and keep inserting the contacts in the journey without creating a new version?


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Single Send Journey does not have a recurring schedule, which means it will push Entry Source contacts only once per journey's activation or at the specific time, you can set.

You would need to configure Multi-Step Journey to allow more people to enter the journey later on. In this type of journey, you can choose between a recurring schedule and automation and both options can result in pushing contacts into the journey more than once, however you need to also configure a correct Contact Entry setting and "Evaluate all records" within the schedule if the same contacts should be eligible for re-entry.

Additional sources:

  1. Single Send Journeys
  2. Contact Entry Settings
  3. High Water Mark concept for journey re-entry
  4. Choose How to Process Entry Source Data

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