I have a requirement where, the user shouldn't able to move the Opp to closed-won, unless its been approved. So basically , when trying to move to "Closed-won" , it should locked the record and after approved, it shd able to move to closed -won stage.

I have created an approval process and put the criteria as, Opp stage ISCHANGED and Opp Stage= Closed -Won. I have as well created the below VR, which showing the error message that it needs approval. AND(ISCHANGED(StageName),ISPICKVAL(StageName, "Closed Won"),NOT( ISPICKVAL( Approval_Status__c, "Approved")))But when clicking on "Submit for approval" button its asking no valid approval process in place. How should i change the approval process entry?

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So, by definition, when you click on Submit for Approval you are starting with a committed record and thus the entry condition of:


can't possibly be true as you are not within a save operation.

Remove the ISCHANGED() from the Approval Process entry condition as your VR already handles preventing the Opportunity Stage from moving to Closed-Won if the custom field Approval_Status__c is not Approved - and presumably your Approval Step's final action sets the Approval_Status__c = 'Approved'

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