Using the Coupon resource of the Data API, I am trying to get the count of the total codes and redemptions for a specific coupon. Unfortunately, when I use expand parameters redemption_count and total_codes_count, I get back for example error 400 - "The expand value 'redemption_count' is invalid.".

Tested URLs:

  • /coupons/aCoupon?expand=redemption_count
  • /coupons/aCoupon?expand=total_codes_count
  • /coupons/aCoupon?expand=(redemption_count)
  • /coupons/aCoupon?expand=(total_codes_count)
  • /coupons/aCoupon?expand=(redemption_count, total_codes_count)

I even tried the CouponSearch resource, to no avail.

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The documentation states to use 'stats' to get those three values.

Please try: /coupons/aCoupon?expand=stats

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