I have a requirement where I have to send out email reminders on quarterly basic i.e.. twice.

Once mid first month of quarter and on the end of 2nd month of quarter based on a condition (condition on Role of contact) on contact object.

Currently, The flow to schedule email alerts is restricted to daily and weekly. Can you please suggest a workaround in details for the above criteria?

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So, use a Scheduled Flow that runs daily

  • In the first condition block, determine if the current date is a valid mid quarter date
  • If NO, do nothing
  • If YES, then use Flow Action elements to send emails

Please create a new workflow rule. In criteria condition you need to check it's meet your condition as,

  • Condition on role of Contact AND
  • date (mid of first month quarter/ end of second month quarter)

Then after you can create an e-mail alert action to send email to the required members.

Please let me know if it helps.


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    I'd advise against workflow rules as SFDC has deprecated these; automation should be done with Flow
    – cropredy
    Oct 9, 2021 at 16:55

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