In classic email template I am trying to put multiple if condition for two different fields and that two fields are formula fields The fields names are

  • X1Annual_Meeting__c
  • X1Proxy_Other__c

if X1Annual_Meeting__c=0 and X1Proxy_Other__c =0 then I have to display "Meeting and proxy are false"

if I put multiple if condition as below then I am not getting anything

{!IF(Opportunity.X1Annual_Meeting__c = True, "Outer Green" , IF(Opportunity.X1Proxy_Other__c = True, "Inside Green" , "Meeting and proxy are false"))}

but if I put single If like below then I am getting "Meeting alone false"

{!IF(Opportunity.X1Annual_Meeting__c = True, "Outer Green" , "Meeting alone false"}

but I need to make two IF for different fields I tried with different options with 0 , true, false nothing is working

  • Some how managed to resolve this issue. Thanks
    – klnavi
    Commented Oct 1, 2021 at 16:46


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