I have a list of record Ids that need to be pushed through to a flow using a URL. Is this possible?

I have created a new resource to hold these string values and have ensured that the "Allow Multiple Values" checkbox is checked. The resource is called "recordIds".

enter image description here

I have then been trying to use the following URL -


The values do make it through to the resource and I can see that it gets populated based on a screen which shows the following results -

enter image description here

But as can be seen when I do a count on the recordIds collection it shows a value of 1. It seems the entire string gets considered as one record.

If there is no way of passing in the strings as a collection is there a way of parsing the string out and then creating a collection inside of flow once the string has been received?

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In order to init a collection variable with multiple values, it is necessary to specify the same URL parameter multiple times, for each of the values.

For example:


More information can be found in official salesforce documentation here.

  • thank you. Worked perfectly.
    – Tom Ansley
    Sep 30, 2021 at 20:41

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