I am trying to build a map<String, List<Id>> where the List<Id> is the list of UserOrGroupId field in the GroupMember Object that has similar Group.DeveloperName values and that I wish to put in the key

I have a list of group Members List<GroupMember> groupMemberList And I am confused on how to fill my map when looping through the list of group members Any tips or hints on how I can this work ?


Iterate GroupMember records and group UserOrGroupId by unique Group.DeveloperName

List<GroupMember> groupMemebrs = [
    SELECT Id, GroupId, Group.DeveloperName, UserOrGroupId
    FROM GroupMember
    LIMIT 50000
Map<String, List<Id>> groupMemebersByGroupDeveloperName = new Map<String, List<Id>>();
for(GroupMember groupMember :groupMemebrs){
    List<Id> userGroupIds = new List<Id>();
        userGroupIds = groupMemebersByGroupDeveloperName.get(groupMember.Group.DeveloperName)
    groupMemebersByGroupDeveloperName.put(groupMember.Group.DeveloperName, userGroupIds);

result is stored in Map groupMemebersByGroupDeveloperName

  • But the groupMemebersByGroupDeveloperName is empty ! how are we supposed to check its key Sep 30 '21 at 8:49
  • 1
    @ismailkartit It is populated by the loop; we create a new List or get the existing List, add the Id to the List, and then put it in the Map.
    – sfdcfox
    Sep 30 '21 at 9:31

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