So I am trying to see the exact version of the sfdx I am using any hints?

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Simple type in the command line interface sfdx -v


CLI Version Information under Troubleshoot Salesforce DX covers this

sfdx plugins --core      // Version of the CLI and all installed plug-ins
sfdx --version     // CLI version

The rest of the CLI commands are noted in Salesforce CLI Command Reference as well as easily shown in the CLI with the following

sfdx commands

And it's always possible to add --help within a given command to understand any specific format/info about it. You can even just do:

sfdx --help

which outputs the following (also displays version).

Salesforce CLI

  sfdx-cli/7.110.0 darwin-x64 node-v14.17.6

  $ sfdx [COMMAND]

  alias    manage username aliases
  auth     authorize an org for use with the Salesforce CLI
  config   configure the Salesforce CLI
  force    tools for the Salesforce developer
  plugins  add/remove/create CLI plug-ins

  autocomplete  display autocomplete installation instructions
  commands      list all the commands
  help          display help for sfdx
  plugins       list installed plugins
  update        update the sfdx CLI
  which         show which plugin a command is in

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