I am new to LWC. I want to open the existing LWC which is created by another developer in salesforce. I searched but found nothing helpful. Help me Please.

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Actually You need to install Salesforce Extension Pack extension in your visual studio code for authorize and access the existing LWC Components.

This trailhead will help you to install the package.

After package installed, You need to do below things,

Press Ctrl + Shift + P, then you need to type/choose Create a Project with Manifest command in VS code (folder to store the files)

After you need to authorize the org by using command Authorise an Org for connect into the SFDC org where you already have LWC components.

Then ,Go to Manifest Folder --> Right click --> click option Refresh component from Source using Manifest. This will refresh the VS Code and get all the existing LWC Components from the connected Org.

Please let me know if it helps.

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