Couldn't seem to find an answer to what I was looking for. If I have the below code:

totalCount = 7;
greenCount = 3;

// Debug statement right here shows immediately berfore operation that the value of the vars are 7 and 3
greenPercent = (greenCount/totalCount)*100 // greenPercent results in 0, even with the * by 100

I tried changing the data types to doubles then getting the floor (I only need whole numbers), but no matter what I try, the result of greenPercent is always 0.

What am I missing?

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This is pretty basic knowledge of how types work, and applies to many programming languages.

Integer division where numerator < denominator will always return 0.

If you want to get a fractional result, you need to use the Decimal or Double type.

Integer i1 = 3, i2 = 7;
system.debug(i1 / i2); // outputs 0, as expected from integer division

// You can explicitly case one of the operands as a Double or Decimal, and (automatic)
//   type coercion will mean you get a fractional result
system.debug((Double)i1 / i2); // outputs 0.428...
system.debug(Double.valueOf(i1) / i2); // same output
system.debug(i1 / Double.valueOf(i2)); // same output

// Starting with Double or Decimal makes things easier
Double d1 = 3.0, d2 = 7.0;
system.debug(d1 / d2);

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