I know that it is possible to dynamically set menu items per each row of lightning-datatable, but I have a requirement to completely hide the action menu items for the particular rows which satisfy some condition.

Is this even possible to achieve using lightning-datatable?


To implement this, several changes have to be made.

The first one: class should be added to cellAttributes to get the value from cssClass column in the data


The second piece. The data should be updated to include standard classes 'slds-hide' to hide menu or 'slds-show' to show menu

dataRow.cssClass = this.isOrphaned(dataRow) ? 'slds-hide' : 'slds-show';

Finally, the third piece.

The table may look weird because of no lines between rows where actions are hidden, to mitigate this, a fake additional column is added after the missing one to display the lines under rows which lack the menu items

        fixedWidth: 1, hideDefaultActions: true

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