I have a list created by a SOQL. I can display the regular values but the values by reference are not displaying. I have tried Actor.Name, and Name for the fieldName. What do I use? Thanks everyone.


<aura:attribute name="commentColumns" type="List" default="[
    {label: 'Comments', fieldName: 'Comments', type: 'text'},
    {label: ' Made By', fieldName: 'Name', type: 'text'},
    {label: ' Date', fieldName: 'CreatedDate', type: 'date-local'}


     [{"Id":"04h4C000000KIbyQAG","Comments":"Approving time sheet","CreatedDate":"2021-09-13T02:21:31.000Z","ActorId":"0056A000001kB7SQAU","Actor":{"Name":"Jason Pate","Id":"0056A000001kB7SQAU"}}]

Result: Result Of DataTable

  • Welcome to SFSE! I've linked two related questions that cover this area. While they are both described in terms of LWC, the exact same solution pattern applies to Aura.
    – David Reed
    Sep 18, 2021 at 15:44


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