I have a ProcessBuilder in the org constructed in 2017 that referenced LiveChatTranscript as the target object.

When I try and deactivate/delete the only version of this process, I get

insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

When I look at the Process in the UX, it looks like this:

enter image description here

How do I deactivate/delete this?


So, the org stopped licensing Live Agent in 2019. As such, the various objects associated with a Live Agent feature license such as LiveChatTranscript are no longer visible to the org.

You would think that Salesforce would invalidate the ProcessBuilders that referenced such objects and allow for their deactivation/deletion. But, apparently not.

Solution was to contact both Support and our account rep and:

  • Get a courtesy license for 1 month for LiveAgent.
  • Once this was done, the Process Builder miraculously repopulated and it could be deactivated/deleted.
  • If you have active sandboxes, you'll need to do Setup | Company | Match Production Licenses to propagate your courtesy license into your staging and CI orgs (assuming they aren't being refreshed from PROD)

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