I have a scheduled flow that creates tasks if certain dates aren't met. Essentially this is running place of scheduled batch apex.

With batch apex, I would normally separate the business logic and record insertion into their own classes to separate concerns. With scheduled flow, I understand that it runs in a batch, even though the flow is written as if it is operating on a single record.

I'd like to split the business logic out from the scheduled flow - leaving only the scheduling and record scope in the scheduled flow. Lets say the subflow is called 'process record and create tasks' (a terrible method name). I want to do this so I can also call the business logic from another flow initiated by a quick action (mostly for testing purposes). The quick action would call a flow to get data the same as the scheduled flow does. The only difference is what initiates the process.

If I do this, what implications are there in terms of bulkification? Can my subflow be structured identically to the business logic in the scheduled flow, or will I run into issues?

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