can you please help me with my query:-

What is the use of $ symbol, especially in validation formula's please explain with example?

I have attached screenshot of validation rule where $ symbol is used before RecordType tag and profile name tag

enter image description here


In Validation Rules, Symbol "$" is used to identify the current record and user (whom create/update that record) field values.

On your question,

$Recordtype.Name points to current record's record type.

$Profile.Name points current user's profile whom try to create/update that record.

You can refer this kind things in here

Please let me know if it helps.

  • That is not entirely correct. The $ symbol indicates that the name is a global variable. Sep 15 at 21:59
  • @DavidCheng Hi David, Thanks for the comment. I have updated my answer. Actually I thought questioned user only having a doubt in validation rule level only. So that's why I have provided answer as like that. Please let me know if anything wrong in still or feel free to update the answer. Thanks :)
    – MohanRaj
    Sep 16 at 7:16

$ is used for Global Variables. These are used in all kinds of formulas, including formula fields, validation rules, Process Builder, etc. They are used exactly as you would any other kind of variable, they just have special meaning in context (e.g. referencing the user's profile via $Profile).

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