I have been trying hard for hours now, I had an issue with the syntax, that is solved here https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/357454/error-on-salesforce-custom-formula-field-says-extra-comma?noredirect=1#comment520345_357454.

I have this formula on a custom field

    TEXT(Test.Cold.Type__c) = '' 
    || ISPICKVAL(Sale__r.Test__c, 'Sold') 
    || TEXT(Test.Cold.Type_Set__c) = ''

If I just do as below with first two condition, it works,

    TEXT(Test.Cold.Type__c) = '' 
    || ISPICKVAL(Sale__r.Test__c, 'Sold'),0,1)

but if I add the third condition which is || TEXT(Test.Cold.Type_Set__c) = '', the first condition does not work. What am I missing here?


There was one extra ). Because of this it is not working. You remove it and update the formula as below.

IF(OR( ISBLANK( TEXT(Test.Cold.Type__c) ),ISPICKVAL(Sale__r.Test__c, 'Sold') ,ISBLANK( TEXT(Test.Cold.Type_Set__c)) ),0,1)
  • There were no syntax errors. It is just not working as expected.
    – sumchans
    Sep 14 at 4:17
  • Can you update the formula as above and check. Because i see the syntax error there. if any of the above three conditions meet the value should be 0 or else it should be 1. Is this the requirement? Sep 14 at 4:23
  • Maybe that was a copy paste error. The logic is exactly as you said.
    – sumchans
    Sep 14 at 4:24
  • Insted of || operator did you tried OR condition and also TEXT(Test.Cold.Type__c) = '' insted of this replace it with ISBLANK(TEXT(Test.Cold.Type__c)). The same way with the other null check as well. This should resolve your issue Sep 14 at 4:30
  • Try using this formula. Hope this will work. If( OR( ISBLANK( TEXT(Test.Cold.Type__c) ) , ISPICKVAL(Sale__r.Test__c, 'Sold') , ISBLANK( TEXT(Test.Cold.Type_Set__c)) ),0,1) Sep 14 at 4:46

The issue was about not grouping the first two conditions. This way it worked for me.

If((TEXT(Test.Cold.Type__c) = '' || ISPICKVAL(Sale__r.Test__c, 'Sold')) && TEXT(Test.Cold.Type_Set__c) = ''),0,1)

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