In the past weeks we are observing a lot of issues when creating a scratch org. It seems cumulusci or sfdx hangs during the scratch org creation:

Executing command: cci org scratch dev master                                                                                                      
master is configured for use                                                                                                                                     
Executing command: cci flow run dev_org_with_test_data --org master                                                                                     
2021-09-08 16:08:18: Fetching from GitHub: *** @ main (***)        
2021-09-08 16:08:18: ============================================================                                                                                
2021-09-08 16:08:18: Initializing flow: FlowCoordinator (dev_org_with_test_data)                                                                                 
2021-09-08 16:08:18: create a new dev org and upload test data                                                                                                   
2021-09-08 16:08:18: ============================================================                                                                                
2021-09-08 16:08:18:                                                                                                                                             
2021-09-08 16:08:18: Verifying and refreshing credentials for the specified org: master.                                                                                 
2021-09-08 16:08:18:                                                                                                                                             
2021-09-08 16:08:18: Verifying and refreshing credentials for the specified org: master.                                                                         
2021-09-08 16:08:18: Creating scratch org with command: sfdx force:org:create  -f orgs/dev_mlt.json -w 120 -n --durationdays 3 -a business

The issue occurs randomly with cumulusci 3.35.0 with Python 3.7 and sfdx 7.110.


Here the orgs/dev_mlt.json:

  "orgName": "mlt - Dev Org",
  "edition": "Enterprise",
  "features": [
  "language": "en_US",
  "settings": {
    "lightningExperienceSettings": {
      "enableS1DesktopEnabled": true
    "workDotComSettings": {
      "enableWorkThanksPref": true,
      "enableProfileSkills": true
    "chatterSettings": {
      "enableChatter": true
    "userManagementSettings": {
      "enableNewProfileUI": true
    "securitySettings": {
      "enableAdminLoginAsAnyUser": true,
      "sessionSettings": {
        "forceRelogin": false
    "languageSettings": {
      "enableTranslationWorkbench": true
    "emailAdministrationSettings": {
      "enableEnhancedEmailEnabled": true
  • Upgraded to cci 3.43, Python 3.9, node 16.9, and sfdx 7.116.3. The issue still randomly occurs.
    – Nicholas
    Sep 9 at 12:00
  • what's your orgs/dev_mlt.json like? In terms of features, edition, and settings. Have you noticed it only for dev_mlt or for all other org configurations? Sep 9 at 12:10
  • We don't have other org configurations. The json was not changed in the past weeks. {"orgName": "mlt - Dev Org","edition": "Enterprise","features":["ContactsToMultipleAccounts","StateAndCountryPicklist","FieldAuditTrail","DefaultWorkflowUser","WorkThanksPref"],"language": "en_US",}
    – Nicholas
    Sep 9 at 12:16
  • it's best to edit your question with that kind of info since it looks much better there than squished in comments! Just looking to see what features/settings are there to see if it can be replicated. Sep 9 at 12:17
  • 1
    also wasn't able to create Scratch Org today for around 2-3 hours. Team had similar issues last week. Was getting socket timeout randomly
    – ytiq
    Sep 9 at 12:23

Your sporadic errors occurring in the recent weeks are likely due to this known issue which was created around that time period:

sfdx force:org:create getting failed with an error - Socket timeout occurred while listening for results

It's mentioned as an "intermittent error". I presume that's why cumulusci is presenting as "hanging" as the issue occurs during the sfdx cli command (sfdx force:org:create)

The current workaround, listed in the known issue, is to re-try the command.

However, there's more customer information in the github issue that was created for the same error. It's possible the org may still be getting created if you check your Dev Hub's active scratch orgs.

  • 1
    This should be fixed with the latest sfdx release.
    – Nicholas
    Oct 5 at 11:21
  • Apparently, it is not fixed in sfdx-cli/7.129.0 linux-x64 node-v15.0.1, still getting Socket timeout occurred while listening for results both in terminal and from IDE. Nov 24 at 8:49

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