When navigating to Scheduled Jobs in our org, we have a number of scheduled jobs with types "Scheduled Apex" or "Data Export". But I'm also seeing a couple jobs with types "I" and "K". I'm trying to track down what one of these is doing, but I'm also trying to figure out what these jobtypes mean since I don't see them as options within the CronJobDetail JobType possibilities. Any idea on what that means or where I might be able to find more details on the scheduled job? I only have the option to "Delete" and not to "Manage". Thanks!

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K is for Metalytics or the Ask Data for Salesforce job which is explained in this help article as being a system-generated scheduled job in orgs where Tableau CRM is enabled.

It loads updated data used to power recommendations in your Tableau CRM home page. It runs in the background once a day to ensure that the recommendations you get from Ask Data for Salesforce are up to date.

This is something new with Winter '22 (Choose Your Search Experience Beta).

Setup --> Analytics --> Settings --> Enable Ask Data for Salesforce

I is the Optimizer App if you set it up to automatically run monthly.

Setup --> Optimizer --> Decide if the app should automatically run and update

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You should be able to get a clue about what it does by the JobName as shown below:

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    – Mplax
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