I have built two different custom activities and hosted them on two different hosting platforms and both of them view fine when I load them in the browser, but when I add them to a journey and click on them to make edits, I can see the interface faded out with a loading wheel in front. It does not seem to ever finish loading. Is there a setting I am missing? Obviously the app package is "seeing" the code as I can see my interface loaded in the background...

Where it has happened with two different apps and two different hosting servers (Heroku and Siteground), I have to assume I am missing something in SFMC itself... but the set up there is pretty straightforward and I haven't found anything online to identify anywhere I may have gone wrong...

  • Welcome to Salesforce Stack Exchange (SFSE). I am unfamiliar with SFMC & Journeys. Is there any config or custom code that you think might even tangentially be related that you can share? If so, please edit your question to include it. More info is (usually) better than not enough when trying to get folks to help.
    – Moonpie
    Sep 7 at 16:13

I had the same issue. Make sure you configured a Data Source to the journey (i.e. data extension or something else).

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