I was looking into this Enhanced Dynamic content feature within Content Builder and viewed the Youtube video about it. It mentions that everything is setup into a CSV file with content (text, HTML, etc).

Is there a way to create that csv file having images and links set up ? Or no?

I'm unable to locate a sample file I can reference to start off this process and how things are structured.

Is there a sample format someone can share?

Thank you

  • Again, welcome! Thank you for "listening" to the comments on your answer to the other question and posting this new question. I don't have the knowledge to answer this question. But If you'd like - as a further way to let potential helpers know that you also searched on SFSE - you could edit your question to link to that other question, and state that you looked at it but it was unhelpful. An easy way to link to another question is to go to the question, click "Share" under the question, then click "Copy Link". I hope someone helps you.
    – Moonpie
    Aug 31 '21 at 22:46

How to use Enhanced Dynamic Content blocks.

Illustrating pull country flags based on country names. [Country_code, Flag_url]

  1. Upload a CSV under below path [example here]
    Content builder > Create > Upload > Enhanced Dynamic Content
    Follow the wizard to as per the requirement.
  2. Then you need to create a Enhanced dynamic content block using below option.
    Content builder > Create > Content Blocks > Enhanced Dynamic Content

    Reference image 01 = enter image description here Reference image 02 = enter image description here Sample CSV screenshot = enter image description here

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