Target :

  • SDK Name : mobileSDK SDK
  • ver.: 8.1.0 (for iOS) ← This is the currently installed SDK version.

What I want to know :
(1) The public document (*1) says "Xcode version: 12 or later. ,Base SDK: iOS 14", does this mean that the latest version of mobileSDK (9.1.1) is not yet compatible with Xcode13 (iOS15)?
*1 https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.noversion.mobile_sdk.meta/mobile_sdk/ios_requirements.htm

(2) If the answer to (1) is not yet supported, when do you plan to release a version that supports Xcode13?

(3) At the moment, we are developing our iOS app with Xcode 12.2 and mobileSDK 8.1, so the supported OS is iOS 12.2~.
If we keep the iOS deployment target:12.2 for our app, when we update from Xcode 12.2 to Xcode 13, do we also need to update the mobileSDK version from 8.1 to 9.1.1?

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We tried application on SFDC Hybrid Remote iOS App and wanted to test this with the new Xcode 13.0 Beta with iOS 15. However, we have a build issue and we are not able to run the application on XCode 13.0 / iOS 15 simulator. enter image description here

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