I have imported metadata into an LWC controller :

import SENIORITY_OBJECT from '@salesforce/schema/xx_Seniority__c';


@wire(getObjectInfo, { objectApiName: SENIORITY_OBJECT }) objectInfo;

If I later do:

console.log('scale : '+this.objectInfo.data.fields.xx__Rate__c.scale);

then it fails with a very cryptic error.

But if I 'gently' drill down into the objectInfo, checking each step, then it works:

    if (this.objectInfo) {
        if (this.objectInfo.data) {
            if (this.objectInfo.data.fields) {
                if (this.objectInfo.data.fields.xx__Rate__c) {
                    if (this.objectInfo.data.fields.xx__Rate__c.scale) {
                        console.log('objectInfo.data.fields.xx__Rate__c.scale = '+this.objectInfo.data.fields.xx__Rate__c.scale);

    //the line which fails if the above if() blocks aren't there!!
    console.log('scale : '+this.objectInfo.data.fields.xx__Rate__c.scale);

With the if() blcoks, I can see that the entire structure this.objectInfo.data.fields.xx__Rate__c.scale is present, but the final console.log() can only access it if preceded by the nested if() blocks checking every level.


  • what is this "cryptic" error? can you provide it? Aug 26 at 16:30
  • and how are you trying to get value for scale? inside lifecycle event, or by UI user interaction? Aug 26 at 16:39

You can simplify your code by using the optional chaining operator (?.) which enables you to read the value of a property located deep within a chain of connected objects without having to check that each reference in the chain is valid.

additionally, you can use a nullish coalescing operator (??) at the end of your chain to assign a default value if the chain evaluates to a nullish value.

so, in the end, your object chain would look something like this:

topLevelObject?.nestedObjectProp1?.nestedObjectProp2?.property ?? 'default value'

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