Trying to display the Time in LWC component by using lightning-formatted-time, by default it print HH:MM:SS

I would like to print only HH:MM

<lightning-formatted-time value={stime.Start_Time__c}> </lightning-formatted-time> -
<lightning-formatted-time value={stime.End_Time__c}></lightning-formatted-time>

the Above code print as below

12:00:00 AM -12:30:00 AM Excepted is to print 12:00 AM -12:30 AM

Gone through the documents, I dont see any attributes supported for this.


Can Anyone help me on this, Thanks in Advance.

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The standard component does not support this. You need to use the Internationalization Properties. Create a custom component like below. And use that instead of the standard formatted time.


import { LightningElement } from 'lwc';
import LOCALE from '@salesforce/i18n/locale';

export default class CustomFormattedTime extends LightningElement {
    number = 123456.78;
    formattedNumber = new Intl.DateTimeFormat(LOCALE, { hour:"numeric", minute: "numeric", hour12: false}).format(this.number);



Here is the playground example. You can customize it further if needed.

References for Intl.DateTimeFormat

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