Is there a way to upload the images and get the personalised link? I have 60 images, but when I upload the images in the content builder, it does not create the personalised link.

So this becomes difficult to manage.

When we used to have portfolio, I can get the personalised link for the images.

Thanks Chandan

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You need to ensure, that Predictable File URLs are enabled under:

Setup > Feature Settings > Content Builder > Content Builder Settings

Content Builder Predictable File URLs

This will allow you to provide the filename when uploading the image to Content Builder (remember to click on Options): Custom file name in upload Also, when using API, one can provide the filename in the payload to the asset REST endpoint of Content Builder API:


    "fileName": "Personalised_name.png",
    "assetType": {
        "name": "png",
        "id": 28
    "file": "[Your file data goes here]",
    "category": {
        "id": "[Folder ID]"
    "FileProperties": {
        "fileName": "Personalised_name.png"

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