I am using a lightning-datatable. I have a description field for one of my columns that I would like to better display the text. I would like to either be able to have 3 lines for this field if the data needs it. I tried to use wrapText: true but that just bleeds the text into the next field. I tried looking for a full list of column cellAttributes without success. How can I display the Description field so it shows multiple lines if needed?

    const cols = [
    { label: 'Status', fieldName: 'Status__c', sortable: "true", initialWidth: 90},
    { label: 'Number', fieldName: 'Group_Number__c', type: 'text', sortable: "true", initialWidth: 125 },
    { label: 'Eff Date', fieldName: 'Effective_Date__c', type: 'date-local', sortable: "true", initialWidth: 10},
    { label: 'Description', fieldName: 'Description__c', type: 'longtext', sortable: "true",  initialWidth: 520, editable: true, wrapText: false},
    {label: 'Actions', type: 'action', fixedWidth: 70, fixedHeight: 90,
        typeAttributes: {
            rowActions: actions,
           // menuAlignment: 'right'

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You need to set number of visible lines as data-table attribute wrap-text-max-lines. Like this.

  • Thank you! That worked along with ensuring the column had wraptTest: True.
    – Frank
    Aug 19, 2021 at 13:46

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