I am trying to use Luxon in a LWC.

I believe I am messing up the syntax of the decomposition of DateTime from the library.

Following the documentation: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/documentation/en/lwc/lwc.js_third_party_library

My Steps

I started by downloading Luxon from GitHub: https://github.com/moment/luxon

I extracted luxon-master.zip and rezipped the /src directory.

I renamed the .zip "luxon". I uploaded this to static resources as "Luxon".

My Import:

import DateTime from '@salesforce/resourceUrl/Luxon';
import {loadScript} from 'lightning/platformResourceLoader';


renderedCallback() {
    loadScript(this, DateTime + '/luxon.js')
.then(() => { /* callback */ });

Use Luxon DateTime

get luxonDate() {
    return DateTime.now().toISO();

As an import, you need to attach Luxon to the window element to get it. Change the very first part from:

var luxon = ... 


window.luxon = ...

Or, alternatively, you can add a line at the end:

window.luxon = luxon

Next, you need to reference it in your code, so:

return luxon.DateTime.now().toISO();

You can also convert this script to a "native" ES6 script.

Instead of attaching luxon to window, create a new LWC called luxon, delete the .html file, copy the luxon source to the .js file, and add this as the very last line:

const DateTime = luxon.DateTime;
export { DateTime };

Then you can use it in your script directly:

import DateTime from 'c/luxon';


return DateTime.now().toISO();

Functional Example

You can also choose to export luxon, and use it as above (e.g. luxon.DateTime...) or each individual part that you need.

Edit: I also see that they have an ES6 module. This would be a copy-paste scenario, you can use it verbatim with no modifications.

  • I could only import Luxon as a single js file by changing the first declaration on the library file from var luxon= to window.luxon=. Any ideas on how to import it without modifying its source code? I couldn't understand your first example (how would I assign it to window.luxon if I can't even reference it?) Oct 2 '21 at 1:59
  • 1
    @RenatoOliveira See this. LWC uses "strict mode," which among other things, doesn't allow var luxon to become a global, thus unusable outside of the source file. Your two basic choices are: modify luxon source to attach to window.luxon, or use the ES6 module, as demonstrated in the link.
    – sfdcfox
    Oct 2 '21 at 3:55

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