I'm looking at how a Lightning app written by a third party handles desktop/tablet/mobile devices and adding <formFactors>Medium</formFactors> here (that AFAIK corresponds to a tablet):

<CustomApplication ...>

results in this clear error message:

FormFactors must be either Large or Small for Lightning console apps

But what I haven't found is the consequence of this i.e. what happens for this app on a "Medium" device i.e. a tablet? Does it just refuse to display at all?

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The documentation says:

For example, in this code snippet, the region has a large width to render in when the template is rendered on a large form factor. The region has a small width to render in when the template is rendered on a medium form factor.

Mind you, this is talking about Lightning Page Templates, but the same principles apply here. A Medium form factor gets the same sizes as a Small form factor. Only when you get to the Large form factor do you scale up to the Large size.

There's an Idea to allow us to have Medium as its own form factor, which would be nice (make sure you vote).

  • Very helpful. I think the summary in my context (assuming the concept transfers) where Medium can't be nominated is that both the phone and the tablet use the small configuration.
    – Keith C
    Commented Aug 13, 2021 at 11:23

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