I have a custom LightningDatatable and I'm passing some typeAttributes to my component. Problem is, the last field is never being passed along my component.


export default class CustomDatatable extends LightningDatatable {
    static customTypes = {
        lookup: {
            template: LookupTemplate,
            typeAttributes: ['uniqueId', 'objectType', 'icon', 'label', 'displayFields', 'displayFormat', 'valueId', 'filters', 'additionalSearchField', 'editable', 'fieldName', 'extraField']


    <c-lookup-lwc editable={typeAttributes.editable} unique-key={typeAttributes.uniqueId}
        obj-name={typeAttributes.objectType} icon-name={typeAttributes.icon} label-name={typeAttributes.label}
        display-fields={typeAttributes.displayFields} display-format={typeAttributes.displayFormat}
        value-id={typeAttributes.valueId} field-name={typeAttributes.fieldName} extra-field={typeAttributes.extraField}


export default class LookupLwc extends LightningElement {

    @api extraField;

In my lookupLwc component, all my fields such as editable and displayFields are populated correctly, but the last field, extraField is always undefined. Whichever property I put at the end in the typeAttributes in customdatatable.js is always undefined, so I'm wondering if there are a maximum number of properties you can pass?

  • Hey, just crossed this issue, looks like the number of attributes per custom template is limited at 11 or 12. Only workaround is to create an other template under it..Thanks though ;)
    – AshBringer
    May 31 at 0:30
  • No it's not limited, I remember having a bug somewhere which caused the issue.
    – ViqMontana
    May 31 at 7:45
  • I am also running into this issue. @ViqMontana is there a workaround for the bug causing this? Jun 1 at 21:23
  • @Timestretch post your question as a new question
    – ViqMontana
    Jun 2 at 7:10

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Late on the response to this, but there seems to be an undocumented limit on the number of typeAttributes you can pass into a custom datatable cell. The limit appears to be 11 or 12. I was able to work around this by wrapping my type attributes in an object, passing it to the cell, and then unwrapping the properties I needed in the cell's controller.

  • Interesting! Could you provide some example code? Aug 5 at 20:14

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