These are the steps we are taking. We use either Lead ID or Contact ID as the Contact Key.

  1. Email Studio > Interactions > Imports
  • using a report from Salesforce and importing records into a data extension (add and update) with SDFC_ID as primary key (other values are first name, last name, status, email). the report ties leads and contacts from a custom object so we are using a formula to grab either the lead ID or the Contact ID if it was never a lead.
  • new data extension from above is set to use SFDC_ID as the Subscriber Key
  • we have an Automation Studio that will query this report daily to bring in new people into the Journey and update existing records in case the 'status' value changes. We want to use that as the exit criteria for the Journey Builder.
  • In Audience Builder > Contact Builder > Data Designer, I added the new data extension from above as an Attribute Group because in Journey Builder I was unable to select an exit criteria unless there was a contact attribute present
  • none of these people in my test have been sent an email from Marketing Cloud previously, so they are not yet added to All Contacts
  • after validating the Journey and Activating, I get this error (see image below). the Customer Key is not actually the SFDC ID (this is just testing)

Any thoughts/advise would be much appreciated :)

Error message

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