Is there any way I can default which dashboard is displayed for a user logging in? I don't mean the same dashboard with different permissions for different users - I mean a completely different dashboard to the default for the org with different components. A personalised dashboard.

Update: I see there's an idea for this which is 3 years old. https://trailblazer.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A0000003X41QAE


As you noted, Allow users to select a dashboard on their lightning home page is an idea asking for this functionality.

What you do have is:

  • Ability to create different lightning home pages for different profiles. See Build a Custom Home Page for Lightning Experience trailhead.
  • Within that home page, you could drag multiple dashboards on the page with specific conditions to display only for certain users. This design won't help if you need 50+ differences for 50+ users, but it will help if you have specific groups of users that need different dashboards (ex. Sales Leads view vs. Open Opportunities vs. Manager dashboard).
  • You could look on appexchange, there's Dashboard Pal which seems like it might provide what you're looking for (I have not used this so I cannot say for sure if it's good or meets the need). See description of it below

The lightning component enables the user to choose a dashboard from a list of available folders in the org, upon selecting a dashboard this dashboard is saved for current user, replacing the default dashboard for that user in order to avoid having that user having to select a dashboard every time, therefore making the user interaction persistent.

  • I did have a look at DashBoard Pal and we might go with this one. We have 30 orgs so having multiple dashboards is not going to work :)
    – Irene
    Aug 12 '21 at 5:47

You could create a checkbox or pick list field on the user object and setup conditions around those to display different dashboards in lightning app builder.

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