I have many contacts, need to connect existing notes from .csv file. To import the note will I need to use the Note(Note) object or Note(ContentNote)? I need help to import notes from CSV file for specific existing contacts.

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Which object I need to use to import the note

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If you have enabled enhanced Notes, then you must import two records for each note: A ContentNote record for the note content, and then a ContentDocumentLink record to link the ContentNote to the Contact.

Make sure your Contact IDs are in the CSV that you use to import ContentNote, because then you can use the success file (with the new ContentNote IDs) to import the ContentDocumentLink records,

ContentNote reference

ContentDocumentLink reference


You will use ContentNote object to perform this activity provided your org has Enhanced Notes enabled.

The Note is a legacy object and if you have the Enhanced Notes feature you will need to use ContentNote.

There is a lot of content on how to approach this in the Salesforce Support youtube channel, check the list below

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