I have a created custom button in the Case object. The content source is Visualforce Page. When I click that button, an apex controller will be triggered. I perform some operations and update the opportunity fields in my class. I want to check a field from opportunity, if that field is empty I need to disable the custom button for that record. I'm a newbie. Not sure how to do that. I referred to some links and they do disable the command button from the onClick action. I don't have that option.

Vf page

<apex:page controller="oppClass" action="{!updateOpp}">  

How to disable the custom button. If not possible, please suggest any workaround


If you're using a Quick Action, you can use Dynamic Actions to conditionally render the button.

If you're using a normal button, you can't disable the button, but you could have your Apex code not perform the update and/or show an error in Visualforce if the feature cannot be used.

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