I am currently trying the deployment of the Experience Cloud. Unfortunately, I am encountering the problem with the "Network" and that it cannot find them. I have attached a screenshot from Bitbucket.

However, these files still exist in the branch. Thanks for any feedback and help.

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enter image description here

Entry 2:

The missing metadata according to the error message is stored in the branch. I have attached a picture for this purpose. Retrieving the package.xml for "CustomeSite" and "ExperienceBundle" does not lead to any further results.

enter image description here

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The issue is because you have not added Network metadata to the build. Make sure to add Network metadata along with CustomSite and the ExperienceBundle.

Check the docs here.


In my case, I've already had Network, Experience Bundle and CustomSites into my commit. The solution was to rename the Network metadata file, adding "-meta.xml" after the extension ".network". See the example below:

Before change: My Community.network

After change: My Community.network-meta.xml

When you do this, git will interpret the My Community.network-meta.xml as a new file to be added and My Community.network as a file to be deleted. After that, the deploy/validation was successful.

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