This is my code ( apex class) below

global class deleteclass implements Schedulable{
  global void execute(SchedulableContext SC) {
      Datetime dt = DateTime.valueOf(System.Label.OldRecords);
        List<ErrorLog__c> ErrorLog = [select Id FROM ErrorLog__c WHERE createddate < :dt];
            delete ErrorLog;

Note : OldRecords is the custom label which contains value = Last_n_days:60 ( fetches the records of last 2 months and more). How to write this a Test class for this.


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Apex allows you to set the CreateDate field, all you need is to use below during data creation,

 Test.setCreatedDate(<recordId>, datetimevalue);

In your case, when you are creating the Error log use below,

ErrorLog__c err = new ErrorLog__c();
insert err;
Test.setCreatedDate(err.Id, DateTime.newInstance(2020,12,12));

This will ensure that create record is 6 months old and is picked up in the test execution

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