I am using dataloader to look for and extract certain emails(tasks) that must have the word "igloo" in them, I tried to do 'description' contains "igloo" and got an error saying the description field cannot be used to filter (so why even include it?)

apparently because 'Description' is a longtextarea-type it cannot be used in a query? enter image description here any work-arounds to this or to my problem?

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Long Text Area fields can't be a filter, but you can return it:

SELECT Description FROM Task

However, you can find records that match that word, just use SOSL instead:

FIND {igloo} IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Task(Description)

Note that this searches all fields on the object, not just Description, so you'll need to check which records match in a separate post-processing step.

Long Text Area fields (and a few other types) can't be filtered, because the database cannot handle that kind of filter efficiently.

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