I've heard different answers to this, so would appreciate a definitive clarification. Is it possible to sit an online proctored Salesforce certification exam on a Mac running OSX (Mavericks)?

Kryterion suggests that Webassessor supports OSX, but I'd like to hear it from someone who's tried it personally.


I was informed by Web Assessor support that Salesforce exams are only available using Windows (despite having OS X teasing instructions).


As of 2015, the exams can be taken on a Mac without needing a VM or Windows partition.

I've used a Logitech C310 HD Webcam for several exams now, and it works very well. Definitely preferable to having to go to a test centre. Just be sure to update the Sentinel software if prompted by the Webassessor site.


Although the Kryterion software loaded okay I ended up having problems with using an external webcam with my Macbook, so I ultimately used Bootcamp to load Windows 7 and then take the test on there.

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