I have an object called AssessmentForm which has a lot of fields. Through an existing APEX controller I can access these specific fields by AssessmentForm.fieldname.

Is there a way to convert all of the fields into a JSON?

For example:

Object: AssessmentForm

Which has the following fields: field1 = 5, field2 = 'cat', field3 = 54, field4 = 'dog

Would be converted to: {"field1": 5, "field2" : "cat", "field3" : 54, "field4": "dog"}

For extra context, what I would like to do is send all of the form data through an API. To do so, I want to convert all of the fields in AssessmentForm into a JSON. The form itself has a lot of fields on it and so I'm hoping there might be a way to convert an object's fields to a JSON without having to manually code it all out.

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Yes, you can do it in one line:

String assessmentFormString = JSON.serialize(form);

This assumes your form is the variable name of your apex class instance.

This JSON output can be directly sent to your API in the body of your request.

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