I am facing an issue while creating a scratch org, Steps i followed is: Initially i have installed vscode, salesforce cli & extensions in vscode, configured their bin path in environment variables. i have enabled the dev hub checkbox in the org.


  1. Successfully authenticated with dev hub org.
  2. As a next step, i am creating a scratch from there using command create default scratch org as follows

enter image description here

and the error is as follows enter image description here

  1. And next step i tried to debug is, have hit a command to check all the connected orgs in vs code using sfdx force:org:list. but for that as well i am facing a issue as shown below.

enter image description here

Any pointers or help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance !!

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    You should use npm to install sfdx-cli, not the windows installer npm i sfdx-cli -g It will allow you to have latest sfdx-cli version Jul 25 at 11:54

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