I Have to delete few users from public group to revoke few accesses assigned to those users via sharing rule but this might revoke few other accesses as well. As i am not sure where that public group is being used. is there any way to determine where that public group is being used just to make sure they don't lose any additional access

  • Does salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/113635/… answer your query?
    – Swetha
    Jul 23 at 14:16
  • yes, this is useful but not resolving my problem your reference is telling about where public group can be used but where existing PB is being used.
    – user100877
    Jul 23 at 14:30
  • Not sure if this is possible, We have an Idea related to this asking to show Public Group Dependencies.
    – Swetha
    Jul 23 at 14:36
  • 3
    do you use VS code? As that question linked in Swetha's comment mentions, it'd be the best way to find all references to your group name in your metadata. Jul 23 at 14:47

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